About Us

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It all started when...

two people fell in love more than 21 years ago! Sheryl (formally a resort manager, among many other things) and Steve (a property management and maintenance engineer, among a few of his talents) met where we worked in the same building in a big city. Separately we had both dreamed of opening a B&B one day. Now that we were a team we planned, talked to other inn keepers, and stayed in more than our fair share of B&B's to learn what worked for guests and what didn't. We eventually got to what we have today, via a very circuitous route but it prepared us for what you will experience when you stay with us. We'd love to show just what we learned by giving you the most relaxing and enjoyable stay possible.

About Our Food

A while back we took a hard look at our food. Where it comes from and how it's produced. We wanted to make sure we would be serving up the freshest, most wholesome food and dishes we could find. We use eggs, laid daily by our own chickens, use produce and fruits from our own garden and we are supplied by a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for meat and other produce we can't grow ourselves. We try to live by the 5 ingredient rule. If something has more than 5 ingredients in it, we pass on it. To give you an example, Sheryl makes all her own breads from nothing more than flour, water, sugar, yeast, salt, and butter (water doesn't count as an ingredient just incase you were counting). That's it! That's all bread needs. Next time you're at your local grocer, count the ingredients on any loaf of bread. Our guess is you will stop counting after you get somewhere past 20.

We are constantly exploring for new sources for the food we place before our guests in the quest to bring them a meal that is nutritious, healthy, and delicious. A lot of hard work and love goes into one of our breakfasts but we think it's worth it and we believe you will too. For those guests that want the inside scoop on the dishes prepared for you we have included a recipe page, of select favorites for you to try at home and to hopefully bring a little bit of the taste of our home to yours.

When you book with us through Airbnb, you will always be asked if you or anyone else has any dietary restrictions or favorite dishes you might be longing for. Sheryl strives to customize each breakfast for our guests in order to give them a variety of things to choose from that will always please their pallet. But you will always find a fews surprises thrown in too!